Wedding Response Postcards

Wedding response postcards are a great way to communicate with your potential wedding guests.  Wedding response poscards purchased in stores  can be very expensive, but we have some great wedding response postcards available for free download right now!

You can enter your address on the right hand side, and your wedding guests can enter the requested information, such as how many guests and what dinner they may choose, on the left side of the wedding response cards.

In addition, we suggest handwriting your address and the other particulars on your wedding response postcards.  It adds a personal touch that will be appreciated by your wedding guests!

For some added uniqueness to your wedding response postcards, you can choose to have them printed on textured paper.  With a little creativity, you can take these free wedding response postcard templates and tailor them to meet your particular needs.

Like all of our free postcard templates, these wedding response postcards are designed to use Avery #8387 postcards if you want the precut paper.  Again, you can also use heavy card stock or heavy textured paper to create a more formal look and feel to your wedding response postcards should you choose to.

Here are our wedding response postcards, available for instant free download now:

Wedding response postcard

A wonderful wedding response postcard, colorful and tasteful, download it here.

Wedding response postcard

This classy wedding response postcard prints out very nicely in black and white.  You can download it here.

Wedding response postcards

The last of our wedding response postcards, this is an elegant looking one with a touch of color.  You can download it here.

Check back in, we always are adding new free postcard templates for download!

Easter Postcards

Easter postcards are a great way to say “Happy Easter” to both family and friends.  We have put together a few free Easter postcards for your downloading pleasure, to help you spread the holiday cheer this Easter!

Easter postcards can take the place of expensive store bought greeting cards, giving a unique greeting that friends and family will enjoy.  Additionally, come in a wide variety of designs.  This can allow anyone on any budget to show their family and friends that they are thinking of them on Easter simply by sending an Easter postcard out for the holiday.

We have put together a couple Easter postcards for our readers.  These are templates and, of course, free.  Simply download them and print.  They are designed to use Avery #8387 postcards if you want the precut paper, but you can also print them on heavy card stock and cut them out yourself.

Enjoy these great Easter postcards, and check back in as we are always adding new, free postcard templates!

This is one of our fun Easter postcards, an Easter Bunny postcard, click here to download it:

Easter Postcards

 Here is a nice looking, colorful Easter postcard featuring everyones favorite, Easter candy!  Click here to download:

Easter Candy Postcard

 Here is a more traditional looking free Easter postcard, wishing you a loving Easter, you can click here to download:

Easter Postcard

Finally, the last of our free Easter postcards, a simple “Happy Easter” postcard with the Easter Bunny and some nice, bright colors, click here to download:

Happy Easter Postcard

That’s it for now, hopefully you enjoyed our Easter postcards, check back in, we’re always adding more free postcards!

Valentine Postcards

Valentine postcards are a great way to show your loved ones that you care.  Postcards in general are great for that purpose, but valentine postcards are especially good for the occasion.

Valentine postcards can take the place of expensive store bought greeting cards.  Additionally, they are unique, and come in a wide variety of designs.  This can allow anyone on any budget to show their family and friends that they are thinking of them on Valentines Day.

We have put together a couple valentine postcards for our readers.  These are templates and, of course, free.  Simply download them and print.  They are designed to use Avery #8387 postcards if you want the precut paper, but you can also print them on heavy card stock and cut them out yourself.

Enjoy these great Valentine postcards, and check back in as we are always adding new, free postcard templates!

Valentine Postcards

Valentine Postcards

 This is one of our general Valentine postcards, a group of red heart balloons.  This one prints out nice and can be sent to a wide variety of people.  You can download it here.

Valentines postcards

Valentine Postcard

This Valentine postcard is a take on the traditional arrow through the heart theme.  With a little added color, this is another one that you can send to almost anyone.  You can download it here.

Check back in, we will have more Valentine postcards in the near future!

Free New Years Postcards

With the new year approaching, what better way to spread some holiday cheer than by sending out some of our free New Years postcards!

Postcards are a great and ecconomical way to stay in touch, and with our free New Years postcards, you only need to print them out, write a special New Years wish and drop them in the mail (with postage of course).

Like most of our free postcard templates, these postcards are designed to fit Avery #8387 postcards, simply pick up your avery paper, download our free New Years postcards and print them out for some lovely holiday cheer.

This is a classy looking New Years postcard that really captures the spirit of the incoming new year.  You can go here to download this New Years postcard.

New Years Postcard

New Years Postcard

 Here’s a simple, yet elegant New Years postcard.  Very easy on the printer, go download our New Years Toast postcard.

New Years Toast Postcard

New Years Toast Postcard

 The last of our free New Years postcards (for now), you can follow this link to download our New Years Toast 2 postcard.

New Years Toast

New Years Toast


Check back in, we will be adding more free postcard templates on a regular basis!

Free Christmas Postcard Templates

With the holidays fast approaching, what could be better than more free Christmas poscard templates?

These are all made to fit with the Avery #8387 poscards, making it very simple and easy to print your own Christmas postcards to spread some holiday cheer.

The first one is a simple Santa postcard.  The face of Christmas, send this jolly old fellow, along with a simple note, to your loved ones.

Santa Postcard

Santa Postcard


You can  click here to download the Santa postcard.

Additionally, we put together this nice Christmas postcard featuring a simple church in winter.  A simple image, but one that captures the Christmas spirit.  Additionally, it prints out nice!

Christmas Postcard

Christmas Postcard


You can click here to download the Christmas church postcard.

Check back in, we will continue to add new postcard templates for your enjoyment.  If you have not already, you can also check out some of our other free Christmas postcards.  Happy holidays!

Free Christmas Postcards

Free Christmas postcards, one of the best ways to let people know you are thinking of them during the holiday season.

We have free Christmas postcards and templates for your download.  These free Christmas postcards are compatible with Avery postcards #8387.  A decent ink jet printer, postcard stock and our free Christmas postcards are all you need to spread some holiday cheer this year.

Our green angel free christmas postcards are simple, yet they look great when printed.  You can download this free Christmas postcard template here.


This Christmas tree free postcard template looks great, and really conveys a nice, warm holiday feeling.  Download this free Christmas postcard template here.


Finally, our Christmas bells free postcards.  These are simple, yet print out beautifully, download these free Christmas postcards here.



Come back often, we will be adding more free Christmas postcards, plus more free postcard templates in general.  Happy Holidays!

Postcard Printing and Mailing

By outsourcing your postcard printing and mailing needs, many businesses have been able to dramatically reduce marketing costs. You can find small local businesses as well as large national businesses marketing today through postcards. Such is the effectiveness of this marketing medium, made even more attractive with the low cost of postcard printing and mailing these days.

If you want excellent marketing results using postcards as your medium, then you need to know everything about postcard printing and mailing. There are many ways in which you can make your advertising more effective and less expensive by following these easy postcard printing and mailing tips.

• Make your postcard attractive but keep your message brief: The worst thing you can do when marketing with postcards is overencumber the mailer. Even if you are sending plain text postcards make sure the message is brief, to the point and includes a call to action. There is no need to go into detail about your company, product or service. Your goal is to create a short message with a call to action that people will act on.  Offering something free is a great way to do this. Provide your website URL, street address and a toll free number.  If you don’t have a toll free number, I reccomend getting one.  The cost is minimal, and it will improve your call back ratios.

• Choose a proper sized postcard: You can either choose a standard 5×7 inch postcard or a 4.25×6 mini postcard which are easy to mail out.  On the other hand, you can get the immediate attention of your target group by sending out a large postcard of size 5.5×8 or 6×11. This is sure to catch the eye of the customers and will get at least a glance, if not read in full.

• Design your postcard content effectively: Use a catchy headline and again, be sure to include a call to action.  In addition, you should be printing out your website address and toll free number in large and bold easy to read fonts.

• Minimum printing and mailing costs: There is no need to spend a fortune on postcard printing and mailing. You can get great deals from printing companies online who offer inexpensive postcard printing and mailing services.  Many of these companies also help you in designing your postcards, which is a bonus you should take advantage of.  Having something profesionaly designed is an excellent add on.

By following these easy and effective postcard printing and mailing tips you are sure to make a good impression on your prospects. Make sure you mail them out to a good list of qualified prospects to get better results.  You can check out this very inexpensive US business database that I reccomend if you are in need of a list to work from. Follow these tips and increase your business today.  Postcard marketing is one of the most effective means of advertising, and can be done for a minimal cost these days with the postcard printing and mailing services widely found online.

Free Christmas Postcards

Free Christmas postcards are a great way to share a holiday greeting with your loved ones.  Christmas is a time to celebrate and you shouldn’t allow an economic crunch to put a damper on the happiness of your family.

If you have always sent holiday cards and postcards to your friends and family at Christmas time, there is no reason you cannot continue to do so, even if your budget has been severly cut.  There are many websites out there that offer free Christmas postcards and templates that can save you a great deal of money and allow you to continue your holiday tradition.

You can find plenty of free Christmas postcards that you can either send through email or print as a hard copy to send through the mail. By emailing free postcards online you can save money on postage and can also save plenty of time and effort by not having to address and actually mail them. Also, with the “Go Green” movement in full swing, it is more environmentally friendly to send out your greetings without wasting paper.

For your loved ones who do not have a computer, especially the older generations who may not be too familiar with email, you can still print out these free Christmas postcards and put them in the mail.

You can also personalize these free Christmas postcards depending on your preference. Many postcard websites will allow you to edit the contents, add or change images, photos and/or text right online. This allows you to easily personalize your postcards by inserting a picture of you or your family, writing a holiday greeting and then sending them to your family.

If the website does not allow you to edit your postcards, you can also save the postcards to your desktop and edit them using Photoshop or another photo editing software (Gimp is a great free photo editing software you might want to look into). This is great for people who are computer literate and want to go the extra mile with their personalization using a free Christmas postcard template. Customized postcards are a great way to send seasons greetings while staying within your budget.

So remember, you can stay in touch with your loved ones and wish them a Merry Christmas by sending them your personalized free Christmas postcards. You don’t have to spend money to spread joy and happiness to your loved ones.

Remember, it’s not how much you spend, but the thought that counts.  This is especially true in tough ecconomic times, and spending the time to create a greeting will be well recieved by all of your loved ones.

Vintage Postcards

If you are an avid vintage postcards collector then there are certain things you need to know about their authenticity, especially if you are purchasing them online.

When talking about vintage postcards, the older they are the more value they can potentially have, so you should always check for their date. It’s better to choose postcards from the early 20th century or older. Sometimes the names of the landmarks or cities have changed, or the places may not even exist.  Sometimes locations have changed their appearance or the people or event shown on the postcard may no longer be around.  All these factors result in higher demand and higher value.

It’s also important that the vintage postcards you want to purchase should be in good condition. It means that the image or the details of the images on the postcard should be clearly visible. Make sure you get to see a clear image of the postcard before you buy.

Whether you are seeking photographic postcards, printed postcards or an artist’s impression of a particular postcard it is important that they are truly vintage postcards. The print or their production type may not matter so much as long as they are a classic.

It’s very difficult to get original vintage postcards from the 1900s and earlier.  In addition, they are also quite expensive. So if you are a collector of postcards from that era but don’t want to spend a fortune, then it’s better to opt for their prints, photographs or an artist’s impression of that postcard as they will be fresh, easily available on various sites and auction houses and less expensive that the original.

Another way to check if the postcard is a classic is by looking at the back of the postcard. First of all, the earliest postcards were smaller in size.  They also had an undivided back, which means that there is no line dividing the back of the postcard between the message and address sections.

You can get vintage postcards in other sizes if they are replicas. They come in bookmark sizes, lettercards or giant postcard sizes.

You can learn more about vintage postcards by selling or buying postcards on auction sites like eBay. Your knowledge will grow with your experience so keep your jump in and learn as much as you can about these vintage postcards.

Marketing Postcards

Postcards are fast becoming an effective marketing medium for many businesses across the country. People have started sending out postcards that promote their products or services. Not only businesses, but the latest election campaigns saw a large number or political candidates using postcards as their medium to get their word out.

This way of communication using marketing postcards can help to market or promote your business. Marketing postcards are a very effective way of getting your message across to your prospects for many reasons.  Let’s take a look at a few:

• Right off the bat, they are cost effective; especially for small businesses who do not want to spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing. Bulk printing of postcards costs much less than what you would have spent on marketing your business through letters or any other medium.

• Second, using marketing postcards creates an immediate impact in the people as the message on them is not shielded by envelopes. One can just turn the postcard over to see who sent it and read the message. It’s very hard to ignore a postcard and it’s very unlikely that a postcard will go unread.

• Third, you don’t have to waste time on collating, stuffing letters into the envelope and licking the stamps and affixing them to the envelopes. You save a lot of time by sending out postcards which have the postage stamps printed on them. This can be done by any stamp printing service or by a postal service like USPS. Plus, postcard stamps cost much less than letter postage stamps.

• Last but not least, using marketing postcards makes it easy to mail out and helps you in keeping your mailing list up-to-date. A postcard with a bad address is automatically returned to the sender making it easy to update your mail list.

With all these benefits of using marketing postcards, more and more small companies are looking to promote their business with this cheap yet effective medium. There are no hassles involved in mailing out postcards. But like any other marketing strategies, using marketing postcards still requires that they be sent to the correct prospects. Your mailing list will determine the success of your business.  You can check out this resource for a very well priced business database.

So the next time you want to market your product or service then the easiest, cheapest and the most effective way is to send out business postcards giving brief details about your company.