Vintage Postcards

If you are an avid vintage postcards collector then there are certain things you need to know about their authenticity, especially if you are purchasing them online.

When talking about vintage postcards, the older they are the more value they can potentially have, so you should always check for their date. It’s better to choose postcards from the early 20th century or older. Sometimes the names of the landmarks or cities have changed, or the places may not even exist.  Sometimes locations have changed their appearance or the people or event shown on the postcard may no longer be around.  All these factors result in higher demand and higher value.

It’s also important that the vintage postcards you want to purchase should be in good condition. It means that the image or the details of the images on the postcard should be clearly visible. Make sure you get to see a clear image of the postcard before you buy.

Whether you are seeking photographic postcards, printed postcards or an artist’s impression of a particular postcard it is important that they are truly vintage postcards. The print or their production type may not matter so much as long as they are a classic.

It’s very difficult to get original vintage postcards from the 1900s and earlier.  In addition, they are also quite expensive. So if you are a collector of postcards from that era but don’t want to spend a fortune, then it’s better to opt for their prints, photographs or an artist’s impression of that postcard as they will be fresh, easily available on various sites and auction houses and less expensive that the original.

Another way to check if the postcard is a classic is by looking at the back of the postcard. First of all, the earliest postcards were smaller in size.  They also had an undivided back, which means that there is no line dividing the back of the postcard between the message and address sections.

You can get vintage postcards in other sizes if they are replicas. They come in bookmark sizes, lettercards or giant postcard sizes.

You can learn more about vintage postcards by selling or buying postcards on auction sites like eBay. Your knowledge will grow with your experience so keep your jump in and learn as much as you can about these vintage postcards.

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