Postcard Printing and Mailing

By outsourcing your postcard printing and mailing needs, many businesses have been able to dramatically reduce marketing costs. You can find small local businesses as well as large national businesses marketing today through postcards. Such is the effectiveness of this marketing medium, made even more attractive with the low cost of postcard printing and mailing these days.

If you want excellent marketing results using postcards as your medium, then you need to know everything about postcard printing and mailing. There are many ways in which you can make your advertising more effective and less expensive by following these easy postcard printing and mailing tips.

• Make your postcard attractive but keep your message brief: The worst thing you can do when marketing with postcards is overencumber the mailer. Even if you are sending plain text postcards make sure the message is brief, to the point and includes a call to action. There is no need to go into detail about your company, product or service. Your goal is to create a short message with a call to action that people will act on.  Offering something free is a great way to do this. Provide your website URL, street address and a toll free number.  If you don’t have a toll free number, I reccomend getting one.  The cost is minimal, and it will improve your call back ratios.

• Choose a proper sized postcard: You can either choose a standard 5×7 inch postcard or a 4.25×6 mini postcard which are easy to mail out.  On the other hand, you can get the immediate attention of your target group by sending out a large postcard of size 5.5×8 or 6×11. This is sure to catch the eye of the customers and will get at least a glance, if not read in full.

• Design your postcard content effectively: Use a catchy headline and again, be sure to include a call to action.  In addition, you should be printing out your website address and toll free number in large and bold easy to read fonts.

• Minimum printing and mailing costs: There is no need to spend a fortune on postcard printing and mailing. You can get great deals from printing companies online who offer inexpensive postcard printing and mailing services.  Many of these companies also help you in designing your postcards, which is a bonus you should take advantage of.  Having something profesionaly designed is an excellent add on.

By following these easy and effective postcard printing and mailing tips you are sure to make a good impression on your prospects. Make sure you mail them out to a good list of qualified prospects to get better results.  You can check out this very inexpensive US business database that I reccomend if you are in need of a list to work from. Follow these tips and increase your business today.  Postcard marketing is one of the most effective means of advertising, and can be done for a minimal cost these days with the postcard printing and mailing services widely found online.

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