Postcard Templates

Postcards are used by many businesses to advertise their products or services to their customers in a quick and effective way. They are to the point and so make an immediate impact on the reader.

Creating a postcard is not difficult provided you have the right tools and know what you want to print on them. Using templates will help you set a basic framing of your postcards. This will help you design your postcards faster so that you can mail them out as soon as possible.

There are many ways in which you can get free postcard templates. Postcard marketing is much cheaper than any other type of marketing medium, but by using free postcard templates you reduce the cost even further.

Once you have planned out what you want to print on both sides of the postcard you can decide on the templates. You can either choose to have a picture and a short message or a heavy text postcard. But make sure you use both the sides effectively.

Tips on finding free postcard templates:

• The best way to find free templates for your postcards is by searching online with various printing company websites. You can look out for the theme that matches your business or sales strategy such as real estate, construction, health insurance, diet and fitness. Once you do that you can find free templates to create your postcards. But make sure you choose attractive templates. Don’t settle for average or boring templates just because they are “free”. This could drastically affect your business.

• You should have software for editing handy. Most of the time you will want to edit the template by adding an image or photo so it would be helpful to have software like Photoshop for this purpose.  Gimp is free software you can download and use, plus it is very powerful like photoshop. If you are using a postcard creator tool on a printing company site, they may also have the tools to allow you to make edits and changes to your templates on their website.

• Like we mentioned earlier, you must decide the content to be on the postcard before finding a free template for your postcard. Apart from the content, you need to decide on the size, quality, color and font size on the postcard. Then make sure the template you choose suits your parameters.

There are many websites that provide free postcard templates. So you can go online and easily pick out a template that best suits your requirements without spending a dime!

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