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Vintage Postcards

If you are an avid vintage postcards collector then there are certain things you need to know about their authenticity, especially if you are purchasing them online. When talking about vintage postcards, the older they are the more value they can potentially have, so you should always check for their date. It’s better to choose […]

Marketing Postcards

Postcards are fast becoming an effective marketing medium for many businesses across the country. People have started sending out postcards that promote their products or services. Not only businesses, but the latest election campaigns saw a large number or political candidates using postcards as their medium to get their word out. This way of communication […]

Postcard Templates

Postcards are used by many businesses to advertise their products or services to their customers in a quick and effective way. They are to the point and so make an immediate impact on the reader. Creating a postcard is not difficult provided you have the right tools and know what you want to print on […]

Free Printable Postcards

Whether you are planning an event, announcing the delivery of a new baby, or are celebrating a birthday, the best way to let people know of your particular event is by mailing them a postcard. Postcards are an effective way of communicating with people. They are simple yet elegant and help to convey your particular […]